• Imagine if you could...

    Take control of your love life and change your experience of sex and relationship forever...

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    ... be confident in your skills and your body

    Sexual confidence is within your reach and it feels great!

    - BECOME a more confident, skilled and experienced lover

    - DRASTICALLY increase your capacity for pleasure, connection, presence and happiness

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    ...know you can give her what she wants when she wants, for however long she wants it...

    Hearing her tell you how amazing you are never gets old..

    - STOP coming too quickly AND learn to last as long as you want

    - ELIMINATE erection issues AND regain control over and confidence in your lovemaking


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    ...stop anxiety and worry and discover the joy, ease and pleasure of intimacy

    When you can trust your body, sex becomes fun and playful

    - END worries about your performance AND instead feel confident in your knowledge and experience

    - OVERCOME any blocks to creating the satisfying intimate relationships you crave

    Because you can!

    All it takes is to fully commit to following a proven process with the best expert in this field...

    It takes a lot of courage to admit that you have an issue or are not where you want to be. Yet as soon as you do, help is at hand. Work with experts like Padma Deva, who have dedicated themselves to the study and practice of healthy sexuality and relationships with the same professionalism and totality you have given to your successful career.

    QUESTION: Where could you be in 3 months, if one of the worlds top sexperts was guiding you every step of the way?

    ANSWER: Wherever you’ve always wanted to be

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    Where could you be in 3 months if one of the world’s top sexperts was guiding YOU every step of the way?....WHEREVER YOU WANT TO BE!

  • Client feedback

    What our clients say about us and their journeys

    Cath, 36, UK

    Female client, Adult virgin, fear of intimacy

    "Wow, it was quite a day, wasn't it! Still taking it all in really. I didn't do anything particularily wild to celebrate. Still feel very proud of myself though. Thank you for making me feel so safe"

    Jack, 39, UK

    Male client, Erectile dysfunction

    "You're something else. Almost 2 hours later I'm still on fire (not in a bad way). Thank you is all I really wanted to say. You are the best thing that's happened to me in a long time, possibly ever"

    Henry, 49, US

    Male client, Premature ejaculation.

    "I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the work you're doing with me. I feel changes happening the more we progress. Cheers."

    Jim, 56, UK

    Male client,

    Adult virgin, Aspergers.

    "Thank you so much for yesterday, so much less scary than I had anticipated. In truth really enjoyable"

    Thomas, 27, Germany

    Male client,

    Adult virgin, Fear of intimacy

    "Sorry for not coming back to you sooner, but I have great news. I met someone rather nice so maybe I come back with a request for tantric couples training but at the moment there is no need for any further sessions. Thanks for all your advice and help so far, which has made this possible."

    Paul, 48, UK

    Male client,

    Low libido, erectile dysfunction

    "I really enjoyed our session. Thank you for your trust, compassion and care, for sharing your wisdom and for offering something of yourself. I felt safe and held and left feeling lovely. Thanks for being such a lovely woman."

    Gerry, 35, UK

    Male client, Premature ejaculation

    "It was lovely to see you on Sunday and to be honest I can't wait til we meet again. I left feeling again very positive and that feeling has continued into the week. I'm starting to get what this is about and the concepts behind it. Pretty amazing stuff, really!"

    Richard, 45, UK

    Male client,

    Adult Virgin, performance anxiety

    "Thank you for opening a door for me where before there was nothing but a brick wall. I can't begin to tell you what a difference this is making to my life. Frankly, I had thought several times before about ending it all, but now I m starting to see how being alive can be a great thing."

    Will, 38, UK

    Male client,

    Trauma, Fear of intimacy.

    "So you definately have a lovely touch so my biofeedback was that it was awesome ;-) It's been so long since anyone has touched me in a kind and loving way... it felt good :-) The pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together in my head. No more doom and gloom here. Thank you."

    James, 57, UK

    Male client, Premature ejaculation

    "I would think we're doing alright is an understatement. I would compare my previous experience of tantra to skim-reading a book whereas now we are reading the book carefully, chapter by chapter, word by word and I am really starting to get it."

    Claire, 35, US

    Couple intensive client,

    non-orgasmic, relationship crisis

    "It's totally great. It's like you speak "guy" and are able to explain me to my husband in a way he can understand. We haven't felt this close in years and for the first time in a long time I have hope we'll not just pull through this but maybe even create something special together."

    Ravi, 46, India

    Male clients,

    Premature ejaculation

    "When we started I had little hope but I was desperate. After all I only lasted for seconds even with my prescription numbing cream. So how likely was it that your approach would make a difference where medication did not? I still can't believe it. I'm now lasting ten to fifteen minutes and longer without using anything. I never believed sex could be like this. Thank you so much for your wonderful work. Its literally changed my life."

  • Book your “take control of your love life” breakthrough session now

    Where could you be in 3 months if one of the world’s top sexperts was guiding YOU every step of the way?....WHEREVER YOU WANT TO BE!

  • Why us?

    Our results speak for themselves

    Tantric surrogate therapy & Padma Deva have been featured internationally in the media

    2 documentaries, several articles in major newspapers and magazines (such as the Daily Mail, the Evening Standard, Grazia and Soho), radio interviews with the BBC and internationally.


    Padma Deva is recognised internationally as an expert in sexual surrogacy, conscious relationships and tantra. She is the founder of tantric surrogate therapy and trains and supervises tantric surrogates and therapists in her modality.

    Outstanding client results and program efficiency:

    Premature ejaculation:

    >90% success rate


    Erectile dysfunction:

    > 80% success rate


    Sexual inexperience/ adult virgins:


    100% of our previous clients have reported increased confidence, knowledge and experience in intimate relationships and have improved their sexual performance and capacity for pleasure.

    Integrative approach for maximum effectiveness

    Tantric surrogate therapy combines the most powerful aspects of behavioural sex therapy and coaching, the Masters & Johnsons approach to sexual surrogacy, developmental, Gestalt and Body Psychotherapy, Body work, Nutrition and Tantra.


    It greatly expands what can be achieved with traditional surrogacy or talking therapies alone, allowing you not just to overcome your issue in the fastest and deepest way possible but furthermore educating and equipping you to create amazing intimate relationships that work.

    Experience + innovation = Excellence

    Padma Deva has been in the field of sexual surrogacy for over 15 years and in the field of personal development and transformation for almost 20 years.


    As a thought leader and innovator, Padma continually updates and expands her knowledge, ensuring that Tantric Surrogate Therapy remains at the cutting edge of experiential sex therapy programs worldwide.


    After completing one of our programs, clients do not only overcome their issues but experience and learn to create truly functional and deeply satisfying relationships and connected intimate sexuality.

    Tantric Surrogate Therapy by Padma Deva

    Innovative, professional sexual surrogate therapy and couples programs with proven results.


    Maximum effectiveness. Maximum pleasure. Transform your (love) life now.


    Email: tantricsurrogate@live.co.uk with your enquiry and we will get back to you with more information about our programs.

  • Book your “take control of your love life” breakthrough session now

    Where could you be in 3 months if one of the world’s top sexperts was guiding YOU every step of the way?....WHEREVER YOU WANT TO BE!

  • Our Team

    Highly trained professional experts in the field of love, sex and intimacy

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    Padma Deva

    Creator of tantric surrogate therapy & internationally acclaimed expert in sexual healing, tantra and male/female relationships

    As the original “tantric surrogate”, Padma Deva is one of the most experienced and accomplished experts on sexual healing and high functioning intimate relationships worldwide.


    Padma combines a focus on lasting, profound results and strong impact with a deep commitment to explore and expand the amount of pleasure and contentment we think possible. She thus creates life changing programs for her clients with unparalleled effectiveness and efficiency.    


    Having begun her own journey into tantra and healing 20 years ago to overcome a debilitating sexual functioning issue, Padma Deva meets her clients with deep understanding, empathy and tried and tested solutions that she knows really work. Both her own life and her client’s results are living proof of the potency of her teachings.


    Padma’s background in management consulting allows her to relate to and understand the challenges and processes of her clients, who are often successful and “too smart for their own good”. As Padma knows all too well, a powerful mind serves well in the corporate world but can be a difficult obstacle to overcome in our personal lives and relationships.


    Padma weaves together her knowledge from many varied yet complementary disciplines to create “tantric surrogate” programs of maximum impact through combing knowledge that works with practical instruction and experience. The change that is possible with this is simply extraordinary.


    She travels internationally to work with groups, couples, men and women to help them realise their full potential for sexual confidence, ecstasy and authentic intimate fulfilling relationships.



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    The team of Surrogates

    Are you one of us?

    Professionals personally and extensively trained and supervised by Padma Deva.

    Our exclusive team of amazing surrogates contains men and women of all sexual orientations. Highly trained by Padma herself and closely supervised, our small team is second to none.


    From mid thirties to late fifties, our team spans a range of beautiful men and women who feel called to give of themselves to make a positive difference to others.


    Our tantric surrogates are compassionate, caring, extraordinary individuals, who are able to meet and support clients fully and open-heartedly. They offer an authentic transmission of loving intimacy, healthy relating and ecstatic sexuality in a safe and supportive framework.


    Teaching others how to love themselves, life and others and engage sexually with beauty, integrity and consciousness is one of the most rewarding callings imaginable.


    If you feel called to literally "birth men for a living" and join our international team, or if you would simply like to learn the skills to bring out the very best in the men in your life and support them to step into their full power, potency and shining, please take a look at www.birthingyourman.com


    Our next yearlong program, which is the prerequsite for our professional surrogate training is starting in May 2020. We are accepting applications for this lifechanging process now!

  • Our programs

    Sexual healing and development programs for men, women and couples.

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    Surrogate programs for men

    Restoring sexual confidence & functioning. Retraining the body and mind to create extraordinary intimate relationships effortlessly.

    Our typically 5-7 session long sexual transformation programs assist men in:

    - overcoming erectile issues

    - ending premature ejaculation

    - healing sexual trauma or abuse

    - creating meaningful sexual skills and experience

    - resolving performance anxiety & fear of intimacy

    - enjoying a loving, beautiful first time experience


    Through a perfect blend of theory (best practice knowledge around becoming an amazing lover for yourself and your partner) and practical exercises to directy apply what you learn with a supportive and experienced partner, extraordinary transformation is achieved in a short space of time, allowing you to create the intimate relationship of your dreams after the completion of your program much quicker than you imagined possible. Moreover you will drastically increase your own capacity for pleasure and learn how to turn your mind from obstacle to ally in this amazing journey to reclaim, restore or enhance your sexual prowess.


    Email: tantricsurrogate@live.co.uk to arrange an initial consultation with Padma Deva to find out if tantric surrogate therapy is the best process for you. Consultations are offered in London or Somerset in person (£250 for 60 to 90 minutes) or via skype videochat worldwide (£200 for 60 to 90 minutes).

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    Surrogate programs for women

    Reclaiming desire, passion, aliveness, ecstasy and connection in a supported healing process

    Women's bodies are built for pleasure, ecstasy, connection and joy. We have an unlimited capacity for pleasure and yet many of us are unsure how to tap into this reservoir of bliss that is every woman's birthright.

    Through understanding about your own physical, sexual and emotional needs and learning about men, you will transform your experience of intimate relationships to one of effortless fulfillment and joy.

    We offer the opportunity to take this journey of exploration, healing and discovery with a sensitive, experienced, open hearted and supportive surrogate partner, specifically trained how to assist women in this process.


    Both male and female surrogates are available for these programs, depending on your objectives, sexual orientation and background.


    Email: tantricsurrogate@live.co.uk to arrange an initial consultation with Padma Deva to find out if tantric surrogate therapy is the best process for you. Consultations are offered in London or Somerset in person (£250 for 60 to 90 minutes) or via skype videochat worldwide (£200 for 60 to 90 minutes).

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    Couples programs and intensives

    Restoring passion, connection, intimacy and love

    Our couples programs are always custom tailored to our clients. Whether you are in crisis, at the verge of separating or simply seeking deeper intimacy and a more fulfilling relationship with yourself and each other, our programs can help.

    From communication skills, emotional release and forgiveness work, teachings about male and female emotional, physical and sexual needs to learning about and experiencing deeper intimacy, tantric sacred sexuality or actualising the potential of becoming each others healers in restoring sexual functioning, our couples programs are as diverse as our clients.


    Whether you want to learn to connect more beautifully, experience greater states of sexual ecstasy, explore your desires and fantasies to realise your untapped sexual potential or explore different relationship choices with the support of a non-judgmental, supportive and highly experienced professional, we can help.


    Padma Deva offers 3-7 day intensives worldwide combining tantric surrogacy, tantra practices, meditations, emotional release, healing, male/female honoring and polarity, conscious kink/exploration of fantasies/desires and alternative relationship models, deep intimacy, open hearted communication and more.


    Contact us to explore how we can help you to reveal the amazing relationship potential already inherent in your union.


    Email: tantricsurrogate@live.co.uk to arrange an initial consultation with Padma Deva for each partner individually to find out if tantric surrogate therapy is the best process for you. Consultations are offered in London in person or via skype videochat worldwide.

    Our couples consultation package includes 2 individual consultations of up to an hour (one for each partner) and a half hour shared consultation with the couple afterwards and costs £300.

  • Book your “take control of your love life” breakthrough session now

    Where could you be in 3 months if one of the world’s top sexperts was guiding YOU every step of the way?....WHEREVER YOU WANT TO BE!

  • Our services

    Pricing and locations

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    Tantric Surrogate Therapy programs

    The most effective route to overcoming sexual functioning issues for individuals without an available partner

    Tantric Surrogate Therapy programs are available in London (our base) and worldwide.


    Any program starts with an initial consultation to determine if Tantric Surrogacy is the best way forward for you. Initial consultations with Padma Deva take place in person in London or Somerset or via skype videochat worldwide.

    Consultations in person are priced at £250 for 60 to 90 minutes, whereas skype consultations cost only £200 and are available more flexibly.


    Please contact us on tantricsurrogate@live.co.uk to book your initial consultation today.


    Tantric surrogate sessions are priced at £1000 per 3 hour session with a typical healing program to overcome sexual functioning issues requiring on average 5-7 sessions, depending on the issue.


    Weeklong intensive Programs are available worldwide at an additional charge for travel and accomodation. Please enquire for availability.

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    Advanced sexual development programs and Master lover sessions

    Ideal for those who do not have an issue to resolve but wish to explore their full potential in a one-to-one rather than workshop setting

    These advanced and highly customized programs normally start with our foundation block to ensure you have a solid basis to explore from.


    Whether you would like to learn advanced skills in pleasuring your partner, explore tantric ritual, play with polarity by deepening your masculine or feminine, learn about sensual dominantion and seduction or go into deepest connection and ecstasy, one of our bespoke programs could be for you. Ultimately our objective is to foster wholeness in our clients, allowing them to express the radiant god or goddess they already are within.


    An initial consultation is mandatory.

  • Book your “take control of your love life” breakthrough session now

    Where could you be in 3 months if one of the world’s top sexperts was guiding YOU every step of the way?....WHEREVER YOU WANT TO BE!

  • Influences

    Some of the most amazing movies, thoughts and modalities we have come across...

    Films that have inspired our work:

    Sweet November: (with Charlize Theron and Keanu Reeves)

    The original movie that first opened the door for Padma to explore relationships as a healing process and a calling. In this movie a bohemian woman takes men into her heart and her home for a month to help them to heal and learn to love.



    An amazing movie about a man learning to become a sexual healer for his wife to help her access and overcome some deep trauma. Explored with depth, humour and compassion, this is a gem of a movie and an inspiration for any men interested in the path of the surrogate.


    The sessions: (With Helen Hunt)

    A movie about the work of a real life sexual surrogate with a severely disabled writer. Whilst our process is deeper and a little slower and more relational in pace this is still a great movie, which has brought surrogate therapies more into the mainstream.

    Our influences:

    Gestalt Psychotherapy:

    A holistic therapeutic process which emphasises here and now experience and encourages experimentation to increase awareness and thus choice. "Get out of your head and come to your senses" is a famous quote of its founder Fritz Perls.


    Body psychotherapy:

    Holds the idea that our psychological and emotional issues have a resonance or equivalent in the body -> through working with the body we can access and release trauma and create change. We are especially interested in Wilhelm Reich's work (developed later by Alexander Lowen) on Character structures (Body Armoring types), which gives great insights into our core woundings and most basic defense patterns against life, love and intimacy.


    Sexual Surrogacy (Masters and Johnsons approach):

    The famous sex therapists developed highly effective methods for couples to overcome sexual functioning issues through practical exercises. When they were approached increasingly by single clients, they first came up with the idea of using sexual surrogates as the stand ins for the unavailable partner, allowing single men and women to overcome their issues effectively with a supportive, time-limited "practice partner". We have developed this initial concept much further in our tantric surrogates, who offer authentic transmissions of functional relating, deep intimacy and authenticity, more in line with the ancient lineage of sacred sexual temple priestesses (i.e. Deva dasi).



    Tantra is a spiritual path of non-duality. It is about bringing consciousness and awareness into every aspect of life from our work to our relationships to our sexuality, thereby transforming any act or activity into a meditation. Tantra is not a religion but a set of methods, which allow the student to find the answers to their questions in direct experience. It is one of the most helpful bodies of knowledge which helps men embody their healthy, benevolent masculine (his inner god or shiva) and women to embody their radiant, loving feminine (her inner goddess or shakti) whilst teaching them how to bring these two polarities into harmonious union where the whole becomes much more than the sum of its parts. A path of deep exploration, transformation and intimacy and maybe one of the most pleasureable paths towards enlightenment ;-)


    Non-violent communication:

    An amazing process developed by Marshall Rosenberg, which allows individuals to communicate without blame, shame, guilt, aggression or defensiveness, thereby allowing couples to connect deeply and intimately with each other by discovering and expressing their own needs and longings.

    It has been used for negotiations in some of the most explosive conflict zones on the planet and is one of the first tools Padma introduces to couples.


    NLP & Hypnosis:

    NLP or Neurolinguistic programming is a science of excellence. It looks at examples of high performance or effectiveness and seeks to learn from this about best practice as well as highly effective change tools. Since our beliefs have a strong impact on our reality, tools that help us modify beliefs quickly and painlessly can accelerate your healing journey and create a strong, positive foundation for your future.

    Hypnosis uses the subconscious to create change. We occasionally offer hypnotic tracks to help our clients in creating change effectively and effortlessly, literally whilst they are sleeping.


    Nutrition & supplementation:

    Especially relevant for issues which may have a hormonal element to them (i.e. Some types of erectile dysfunction or issues around libido/ desire). The body needs all nutritional building blocks in order to create strong arousal for both men and women. If any essential nutrients are missing or if the body is out of balance in its gender-specific hormonal equilibrium then problems can occur. We very much emphasise an approach which uses natural foods, herbs and supplements in first instance which the body can easily recognise and assimilate to restore optimal sexual and overall functioning.

  • Connect With Us

    Reach out to Padma Deva and her team...

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